New Forms Of Cinema Exhibition

Conference 2011

The inaugural New Forms of Cinema Exhibition conference was held in November 2011 in Norwich. It was hosted by Mark Jancovich, Philippe Meers, Anna Blagrove and Guy Martin.

Speakers and topics covered at the event included:

Pete Buckingham - Opening Keynote

Peter Bloore - Film Council's Conception of the Audience

Lesley-Ann Dickinson - Participant Observation of Audiences

Mark Jancovich - Art, Cultural, Specialist, European: What are we promoting?

Deborah Allison - Virtual Print Fees

Sophie De Vinck - Building Digital Arthouses

Gabriel Menotti - Digital Movie Distribution

Steve Perrin - Digital Cinema and the Future

Ezgi Ariduru - Standardization of Choice in Istanbul's Film Theatres

Mark Cosgrove - Diversity and Exhibition

Sarah Persk - Diversity and Distribution

Melanie Selfe - Rural Cinema in Scotland

Francesc Vilallonga - Film and the State Responsibility for Language in Catalonia

Adrian Smith - Renovating Cinemas

Philippe Meers - Youth Audiences and European Cinema

Roy Stafford - Village Hall Youth Project

Richard Wallace - Peer Effects in Consumer Decision Making

Sonali Joshi - Exhibition and Distribution of Foreign Language Films

Ann Overbergh - Digitalization and Film Industries in Africa

Geraldine Walker - Foreign Language in Developing Audiences

Andy Willis - Collaborations Between the Academy and Exhibition: Learning from Visible Secrets: Hong Kong Women Filmmaker

Martin Barker - Alternative Content in Cinema

Helle Haastrup - Movie Trailers and Cinephilia

Raluca Iacob - Romanian Alternative Exhibition

Daithi Mac Sithigh - More Alternative Content in Cinema

Michael Ahmed - Exhibition and Showmanship in Postwar Britain

Jeremy Bubb - The Historical Development of Audiences

Fabrice Lyczba - Realism and Marketing in Silent Cinema

Joshua Neves - Chinese Exhibition

Karina Aveyard - Plenary Keynote